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El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade
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El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Great! I'm eager to watch this. I'm from Ecuador and cocoa is my passion.

Anonymous picture

@Michelle, I love this film and would be really interested in having access to the companion study guide. I teach this film in my Spanish language class. We have a "chocolate" day, students love it.

Minami avatar

Hi Paola, I'm happy to let you know that the study guide is now available! To access, please click on "Show More" in the synopsis and then on "Supplemental material".

Anonymous picture

Interesting film, but lacks more in depth analysis of fair trade vs conventional farming, but does suggest that fair trade goods are not the windfall we expect them to be. Still, worth watching.

Anonymous picture

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to watch my film. The film was meant to go with a companion study guide that addresses a lot of the questions that the film highlights. I'm sorry you didn't have this information at the time you viewed the film, but I ...Read more